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Pinned topic X3250M4 IMM2 Basic

‏2012-08-29T16:00:30Z |
Can x3250 M4 come with IMM2 basic license perform power control (power on/off server)? I need to use IMM2 to act as fence device for redhat cluster?

Do I need to upgrade IMM2 from basic to standard to act as fence device? Can I change the password of default user USERID for X3250 M4 with basic IMM2 license ?
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  • Novikov_Alexander
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    Re: X3250M4 IMM2 Basic

    Dear Steven,

    read section Remote management for iMM2 licenses details:

    IBM System x3250 M4
    IBM Redbooks Product Guide

    Alexander Novikov
    Russia, Moscow
  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: X3250M4 IMM2 Basic

    Basic license is enough; it include the following feature: "Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) Version 2.0", so you can use fence_ipmilan.
    You can change password for USERID via HTTP "IMM Management"->"Users" o via command line with "users" command:
    system> help users
    users -options - display/configure user accounts
    -1-12 - user account number
    -l - display password expiration days
    -n - username (limited to 16 characters)
    -p - password (limited to 16 characters)
    -ep - encrypted password
    - null to create an account without a password
    -a - authority level (super, ro, custom:am|rca|rcvma|pr|cel|bc|nsc|ac)
    am - User account management access
    rca - Remote console access
    rcvma - Remote console and remote disk (virtual media) access
    pr - Remote server power/restart access
    cel - Ability to clear event logs
    bc - Adapter Configuration (basic)
    nsc - Adapter Configuration (network and security)
    ac - Adapter Configuration (advanced)
    Note: the above custom permission flags can be used in any combination
    -clear - clear user account
    -curr - display current users
    -sauth (HMAC-MD5|HMAC-SHA|none) - snmpv3 authentication protocol
    -spriv (CBC-DES|AES|none) - snmpv3 privacy protocol
    -spw password - snmpv3 privacy password
    -sepw encryptedpassword - snmpv3 privacy password (encrypted)
    -sacc (Get|Set) - snmpv3 Access type
    -strap hostname - snmpv3 trap hostname

    -pk - SSH public keys options:
    -e - Displays the entire key in OpenSSH format
    -remove - Removes the specified key for the specified user
    -add - Adds a public key for the specified user
    -upld - Used to upload a public key in OpenSSH/RFC4716 format
    -dnld - Used to download the specified public key to a TFTP/SFTP server
    -i - IP address of the TFTP/SFTP
    -pn - port number of tftp/sftp server (default 69/22)
    -u - username for sftp server
    -pw - password for sftp server
    -l - Filename of the key file when uploading or downloading via TFTP/SFTP
    -af - accept connections from host, in the format: from="<list>", where
    <list> is a comma-separated list of hostnames and IP addresses
    (limited to 511 characters)
    -cm - comment (limited to 255 characters, must be quote-delimited)