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Pinned topic Any documents on tuning Connect:Direct transfer performance

‏2012-08-29T15:24:09Z |
Running CD 4.1 on Linux environment with Secure+. Noticing very different transfer rates between server and two remote CD nodes (remote nodes on same main subnet). On slower transfer path, analysis is showing 35% of transfer time taken up by application processing, 28% taken up by network transfer (not-saturating the network link), and 32% due to parallel processing effect.

Are there any white papers/documents for tuning the network layer for optimizing CD transfers, any tuning suggestions for the CD internals (i.e. netmap.cfg settings)? We are not saturating the network link and we are seeing approximately a factor of 2 difference in file transfer speeds to the two remote nodes. The remote nodes are initiating push/pull operations to the Linux CD server.

Are there any white papers/documents/tip sheets for optimizing the CD job procedures for transfer efficiency?