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Pinned topic Having troubles enabling the Service Activity Monitor (SAM)

‏2012-08-29T13:40:59Z | mdm-migration
It seems, according to the MDM Server 9.0.2 Developer's Guide all I need to do to enable SAM is execute the following SQL and restart the application:

update configelement set value='true', last_update_dt = current_timestamp where name='/IBM/DWLCommonServices/Report/Broadcaster/enabled'
update configelement set value='true', last_update_dt = current_timestamp where name='/IBM/DWLCommonServices/Report/Listener/enabled'

After this was configured, upon executing a simple search from the Product UI, I expected an entry in the transactiondata.log file as described in the manual, however it still remains blank. I checked the file and it seems to be properly configured (I suspect it is what is defaulted OOTB):

log4j.appender.transactionData_file.File=./logs/transactiondata.log, transactionData_file

and am tempted to try a level of 'ALL' rather than INFO. Is there anything else I should be looking at to turn SAM on? I am in a clustered environmen and I see a reference in the manual to deployment, cell and node names (I suspect I only need this if I wish to attach a process to the MBean). In my case, the documentation says that the file logger will know what/how to attach, but could it be using the wrong information? Where does the SAM log4j logger pull this information from (ie. cell, node name,...).

Thanks in advance,
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