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Pinned topic Nodes not aware of configuration server changes?

‏2012-08-29T08:11:48Z |

we have a cluster with mixed RH 5.5 and 6.2 nodes, and for upgrading the last server nodes to RH6 i switched the primary/secondary nodes to other already upgraded nodes.

Since then i am getting:

root@ddf-01 ~# mmchcluster -p LATEST
mmchcluster: GPFS cluster configuration servers:
mmchcluster: Primary server: ddf-01
mmchcluster: Secondary server: ddf-02
mmchcluster: Propagating the new server information to the rest of the nodes.
mmchcluster: The following nodes are not aware of the configuration server change:
Do not start GPFS on the above nodes until the problem is resolved.
mmchcluster: Make sure that the following nodes are available:
ddf-01 ddf-02
mmchcluster: Run the mmchcluster -p LATEST command until successful.
The nodes reported as "not aware" are exactly the RH6.2 nodes (both servers and clients) except the primary/secondary nodes and the node itself where the command is run. The remaining RH5 nodes (clients) are never reported as "not aware".

Running that command again and again, also in other nodes doesn't seem to help.
However, the filesystem is running fine (apparently at least) and all other parameters seem fine. All nodes run GPFS

Is there a way to get more detail about what causes the above error message?
Using "mmdiag --network" i see no problems, all nodes are up, etc.
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    Re: Nodes not aware of configuration server changes?

    The ksh version on RHEL6.2 has a bug. Please upgrade the ksh rpm according to the FAQ.
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    Re: Nodes not aware of configuration server changes?

    Thanks a lot! that was exactly the problem, i took the ksh package from 6.3 and problem solved :-D

    Thanks for your extremely fast answer!