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Pinned topic Using "Contains" for text string in Script Expression

‏2012-08-28T17:17:38Z |

I would like to be able to filter Requisite Pro based on the text that is contained in an attribute. The attribute could contain extra text over and above the text I am looking for. So it is really a sub-string comparison I would like.

The options available for the "Script Expression" Operator are "Equals", "Not equal to", "Greater", "Greater than or equal to", "Less" or "Less than or equal to".

How do I filter on the content of a string within an attribute?

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    Re: Using "Contains" for text string in Script Expression

    Hi Liam,

    You can use any Javascript expression in the conditions. For example:
    (/regular expression here/).test(Object_Text)

    You can use a regular expression which returns true/false or you could use any other expression from Javascript.

    Samuel O'Malley