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Pinned topic Creating Annotations on CICS/Zos

‏2012-08-27T20:06:42Z |
We are developing browser based Content Manager applicaiton using CICS on Zos as web application server. Things were going well until we decided to use PDFs instead tiff. The problem comes when the program creates text annotations on the fly. When viewed in pclient or eclient they show up as garbage. We tried experimenting with converting the character set to UTF-8 with no luck. As another experiment I wrote a test program to take the annotations and recreate them property by property with no conversion and placed them on a copy of the original document and they display just fine. I suspect that maybe it was a character translation problem but I don't where to look or what to try to fix the problem.
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    Re: Creating Annotations on CICS/Zos

    ‏2012-08-28T05:25:31Z  in response to Kenneth_IL
    Hello Kenneth,
    is it right that you mean the Annotation functionality, and NOT the Content Manager Notelog?

    The Annotations are stored as separat Annotation Parts, the Fileformat is MO:DCA.
    The Spezification you can find here:

    Text Annotations are stored as PTOCA Objects.
    The Spezification you can find here:

    I hope these Information can help to solve your Problem,
    Best Regards,