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‏2012-08-27T17:07:09Z |
Hi All,

I'm new to IID and BO transformation. Could you please direct me to any url or pdf's which explains more about the BO transformation along with the different ways of mapping array elements.

I would appreciate if you any provide the details ASAP.

Thanks v m,
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    Re: Array Mapoing Using BO Transformation


    below are two interessting tutorials about working with arrays. I hope it helps.
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    Re: Array Mapoing Using BO Transformation

    Those 2 articles are a bit out of date if you are using BPM 8.0.1 but they are still valid. One thing that was not mentioned was are you using BO Map or XML Map. Those articles are for XML Mapping.

    If you are using the BO Map then we have some documentation in the infocenter.

    Dave Spriet
    BPM Architect, BPM SWAT