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Pinned topic Power was cut on storage server, do I shutdown nodes?

‏2012-08-26T15:16:11Z |

The power was cut on the servers which have the disks for the GPFS. Am I better shutting down the clients nodes before restarting the file servers? The power is cut for more then 24 hours.
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    Re: Power was cut on storage server, do I shutdown nodes?

    ‏2012-08-26T18:27:04Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    If the disks are not available, all the nodes will internally unmount the filesystem, though they will still be in the operating system mount table. Any access will get ESTALE error. Every node will check occasionally to see if it can remount. When the disks reappear and the FS manager can remount (may need a mmchdisk start command to restart disks marked as down), then all the other nodes will be allowed to remount.

    You don't actually need to shut the client nodes down. Just unmounting would be enough to stop the periodic remount checking.