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‏2012-08-26T08:18:03Z |

I'm trying to attach the TM1API.dll to my VBA project according IBM API guidebook.
I defined the path in "Enviornment Variabels" where the "TM1lib.dll" and "TM1API.dll" are located.
As you can see in the attached file, the basic commands are still unknown and TM1API commands are not allowd.
I will be very gratefulto have a detiled explanation how to add-in the TM1API.dll.
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    Re: TM1API.dll Add-In

    Hi Roei,

    As part of your installation there should be a folder called tm1api.

    In this folder is a file called tm1api.bas, you will need to add in the contents of this file into a new module sheet.

    You should then be able to use your code i.e. connecting to the API and creating a value pool and handle.

    Hope this helps.