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Pinned topic What is the WBI JTextAdapter MVSSiteCommand setting in JCA FTP adapter ?

‏2012-08-26T01:15:47Z |
We are upgrading WBI JTextAdapter with the new JCA FTP adapter.

However, we are not sure what is the equivalent WBI JTextAdapter configuration for MVSSiteCommand in JCA FTP adapter.

For the WBI JTextadapter, the following setting in the request.xsd is responsible for the request width (421 chars) in the FTP MVSSiteCommand to mainframe.

<xsd:element name="MVSSiteCommand" default="LRECL=421" minOccurs="0">

The JCA FTP adapter did the default to 256 char so cut off our request file at this length. Appreciate any help to point out where to set this to 421 chars in JCA FTP adapter configuration.