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Pinned topic Re-install of ISA Agent Manager on Linux Fails

‏2012-08-24T16:21:14Z |
I encountred an error, couldn't find tivguid program, during the installation of ISA Agent Manager. Some pieces were left in /opt/IBM/AgentManager when the install was cancelled. I ran the uninstall program that was there. I wanted to try the installation again, intending to use different options so I could get pass the original error. When I run the installation program I get this error: "The runtime mode of the installed agent manager is not supported by the upgrade and merge mode of the agent manager installer." What do I need to do to put the system back to a clean state where I can get the install program running again?
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    Re: Re-install of ISA Agent Manager on Linux Fails

    Hi Jeffrey

    I am with the IBM Support Asistant Operations and Support team. Sorry for the delay in getting back with you, as I have been trying to locate someone with the Agent Manager team to assist you. So far I have not had any luck locating a contact. I will continue to try to locate a contact for you on the Agent Manager and will update this post if I am able to do so.

    In the mean time, we would strongly suggest, that instead of agents that you use IBM Support Assistant Lite or IBM Support Assistant Data Collector. The ISA Lite download page can be found at the following URL:, additionally we have a New Collector tool "IBM Support Assistant Data Collector(ISADC)', which presently has a limited number of collectors available. This new collector can be found at the following URL:
    Rick Holcomb

    Ricky Holcomb