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Pinned topic Cognos Connection Welcome Screen Taking Too Long

‏2012-08-24T15:27:19Z |
Would anyone know what could cause the http://<our company domain>/cognos_express/manager/welcome.html to take a long time but the http://<our company domain>/p2pd/servlet/dispatch to be fine? My network guys are seeing this error {"errorException":"class","errorString":"CM-REQ-4342 An error occurred with the client.","errorTrace":null}, but it still eventually opens the welcome screen. I've put in an IBM Service Request, and have been working with a representative, but it seems to be stumping everyone. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  • Maymtl
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    Re: Cognos Connection Welcome Screen Taking Too Long

    ‏2012-08-29T16:12:03Z  in response to FelixInfinity
    I have this issue too since we upgrade to version 10.1. Please update this post if there is any solution.
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      Re: Cognos Connection Welcome Screen Taking Too Long

      ‏2012-08-30T21:40:29Z  in response to Maymtl
      More information is required:

      What is your server architecture?
      What is your content store database and where is it in the architecture?
      What is your server operating system?
      Which web server are you using?
      Which application server are you using to run Cognos 10?
      Which specific version of Cognos 10 are you using?
      How many CPUs are available on the server(s)?
      How much RAM is available on the server(s)?
      What is the system resource usage at the time that you are trying to access the welcome page? (CPU and RAM usage. If there is high CPU or RAM usage then which processes are using most of the resources?)