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‏2012-08-24T11:14:10Z |

At work we are developing a mobile notification service using the (native) Bauyex protocol support in WebSphere 6.1 (strangely the installation of the Feature Pack for Web 2.0 and Mobile turned out to be irrelevant?) I'm fairly new to WebSphere.

Test servers need to able to install automatically. Hence, we have a scripted environment where everything it set up. Before setting up the bus, we delete the messaging engine and the bus.

On our cluster servers, we are facing challenges when trying to delete the file store used by the messaging engine. Even though the messaging engine and the bus are deleted, it seems that the lock on the file store is not released. I've tried to put in a sleep for 5 seconds (yeark..) after saving the deleted configuration on order to provide some time to release the lock. This happens on every second run of our installation environment (where the first one fails due to the locked file store), which also makes sense.

Anyone have an idea how to solve this? I would like to stop the messaging engine before deleting it, but I have not succeeded in finding out how to do this in jython.

Any help is much appreciated.