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Pinned topic OOTB and Custom Code Table Caching

‏2012-08-24T04:58:13Z | mdm-migration

could anyone elaborate on how the code tables and its values are being cached ?

If I have created a new code table, will this code table be cached ? How can we debug to know that code tables are being cached ?

Say if I have created a new code table and it contains more than 2000 code values . Is there any limitation to the number of code values that could be cached ?

I have very limited knowledge on caching.

It would be great if someone could explain in detail / share any knowledge.

Thanks in advance,
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    Re: OOTB and Custom Code Table Caching

    Hi All,

    My issue got resolved by increasing the maximum heap size. The code table which I was trying to load into cache contained around 20000 values which caused an OutOfMemory.

    The admin code tables may / may not be cached during server start up. Whether to cache the admin code table while server start up is being determined by the properties defined in the cacheProperties.xml

    All other OOTB code tables and custom code tables would only be cached whenever the code table is being used for the first time. This means, when ever we try to read a code table for the first time after the server start up, it get all the values from DB and put in cache. Afterwards, the code table values would be read from the cache.

    Hope this helps!!
    Thanks & Regards,