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Pinned topic Learn more about InfoSphere Optim Query Capture and Replay at IOD

‏2012-08-23T18:50:06Z |
InfoSphere Capture and Replay will be showcased at the Information on Demand Conference in Las Vegas, NV. Join us in one of the following sessions to learn more about the product or test-drive it in a hands-on lab.

Elective sessions:
- IDZ-1199A: Replaying Production Workloads in a Test Environment? Do It With IBM InfoSphere Optim Capture and Replay
- ILG-2133A: Your Production Database Environment Changes Over Time; Use OCR to Know the Impact on Critical Applications
- IDB-2378A: Using Capture and Replay to Improve Your IBM DB2 System
- ILG-1182A: Key Use Cases for IBM InfoSphere Optim Query Capture Replay

Hands-on labs
- IDB-2134B: Determine How Production Database Environment Changes Impact Applications Using OCR.
- ILG-1346B: Assess Impacts of Your IT Changes With Real Production Workload: IBM InfoSphere Optim Query Capture and Replay