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Pinned topic Export to Excel error: Unknown dimension member specified

‏2012-08-23T09:28:01Z |
Hi all,

We have recently upgraded from Plannin v8.3 to version 10.1.1. We are now preparing for a new forecasting cycle and our user community is now facing a problem. The users are using the export to Excel function frequently because it allows them to instantly edit the data in a way that they need it.

For this they use saved selections. A number of users have built saved selections for a specific e.List item. In the previous version they were able to re-use this saved selection on another e.List item. We are trying the same now but when we save the selection on an e.List item and then reuse it on another (even when changing the e.List item) it returns the error: " *Unknown dimension member specified '??*' ".

Do any of you experience the same issue or have a solution better then rebuilding the entire selection for each e.List item?

Thanks for your help!