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Pinned topic Data Field Modifier not working as expected WPF(6.1.2)

‏2012-08-23T01:22:12Z |

I am novice in portal.
I have a data page on which Data Hierachy Modifier(groups) and Data Column modifier is applied.
On one of the field I have to show a hyperlink.
I have used one of the field on which I have applied Data Field Modifier to change the field behaviour to a link,but while rendering its coming outside the group and checked the HTML generated code its not under a <TD>

Request to help me out of the problem.....
Dew Ghosh
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    Re: Data Field Modifier not working as expected WPF(6.1.2)

    First, WPF 6.1.2 is pretty old (many releases ago) for new development - is there any reason that you cannot use a more recent release like or

    Second, it's hard to say what's happening based on that high level description. If you could provide a sample model showing the issue (without any confidential info or intellectual property) then that may help someone spot what's wrong. If you could do so on a recent release, that would likely make it even easier for someone to try (and/or help you possibly find out that it might be something that has been resolved or changed since 6.1.2).