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Pinned topic Publishing DOORS View with Large Number of Columns Issue

‏2012-08-23T00:11:31Z |
I am having a problem publishing a Doors View which contains 26 columns
I am using a tempalte which includes a table container to publish the view
On the table is have set:
Table auto fit = Autofit to Window and
resize to fit contents = true
fixed cell width in column = true

In the template I have switched to a master page defined as A3 Landscape

The word document generates without error but when i open the document to table tidth is gonig way off the sides of the A3 page

Have tried changing the tables setting but nothing seems to make a difference

Has anyone come across this?

I have manual work around using the table properties in word, but thought RPE should be abel to cope with this.

Any thoughts?
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    Re: Publishing DOORS View with Large Number of Columns Issue

    I would the software to respect your "Auto fit to Window" as it "resize to fit contents". Do any of your cell have contents that would prevent line breaks like an image or an OLE object rendered as an image?

    If you can't find another solution,
    * Table settings: resize to fit contents = false, fixed cell width = false
    * Represent columns in your layout through "module > object > table > row > object" queries
    * Specify specific column widths for each column through one of two following methods:
    * Assign the queries "cellWidth" attribute a value from the properties window.
    * Assign a style to each cell that specifies a "cell > specific > cell width" value.

    Let me know if this helps.