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Pinned topic Static Binder enhancement

‏2012-08-22T14:55:26Z |

This a question about the static binder utility. It's more a request for IBM people.
I was glad to see that the binder accepts an archive (like a war) as input but rather disapointed when I realised that you had to list all the purequery annoted interfaces in the options file.
Could it be possible that the static binder accepts wild cards (like * for any) in the interface names in order to simplify the installation process and to minimize the number of -805 (DB2 package not found).
like :

defaultOptions = -bindOptions "QUALIFIER TITI COLLECTION TRUC" -grant "grantees (PUBLIC)" ... = -bindOptions "QUALIFIER QUAL COLLECTION POCJAVA"* = -bindOptions "QUALIFIER TEST COLLECTION POCJAVA"

The static binder utility is available as an API as well so we'll still have a way to develop a Java utility that could to that.