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‏2012-08-22T07:45:45Z |
Hi,i try install SCP2.1 b8 in my test enviroments.
When i deploy the scp kernel service on physical machine( using "minimum type")
so my hosts files like this: localhost localhost.localdomain localhost4 localhost4.localdomain4
::1 localhost localhost.localdomain localhost6 localhost6.localdomain6 kernel-service hbase ldap-server webservice admconsole ui-service webconsole workload-deployer image-library storage-1

the administive webservice is ok(
when i using "",i cann't open this link.

How to fix it?

PS: when i restarting storage-nodes,the "Kernel service " and "ui-service " is lost
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    Re: scp2.1 beta8 user interface


    First of all, consider SCP 2.1 is now GAed, so you can also get the official version

    Said that, the fact that after a reboot kernel-service and ui-service seems to be lost it is the out of the box behaviour (you can see it documented here:

    So, to make a long story short, on your storage nodes, under /iaas/inst-scripts you should find kernel-service.xml and ui-service.xml (one on a node, the other on the other one). Just go into that directory and type virsh create kernel-service.xml and virsh create ui-service.xml, then you should see your VMs back.

    For the fact that you did not see, please pay attention it needs to be https, not plain http

    Said that, sincerely I do not remember if that is the URL for Virtual Image Library or the Workload Deployer UI (one uses 9443 and the other 8443), but if it is the URL for Virtual Image Library, you can just see if it started correctly: go into /home/library and do start <administartor username> <administrator's password>
    if it is the URL for Workload Deployer, you can start it going into /opt/ccs/ and typing

    One more thing to remember, pay attention that immediately after the installation completed you need to wait 30 minutes for virtual image library and workload deployer to be installed, not sure this was your case... If you installed via GUI there is a message about that highlighted in the summary panel.