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Pinned topic Understanding cpu, virtual cpu and lpar in AIX

‏2012-08-21T17:10:44Z |
Hi All

Could you please help me in understanding the cpu terminology in AIX?

i) What is the physical cpu and how can we find the no of physical cpus are installed in the system?
(My understanding is each chip may contain 1/2/4 cpus in it but they will work indipendently)
ii) what is virtual cpu? How the physical cpu is related to virtual cpu?
iii) What is lpar? How it is related to physical and virtual cpu?
iv) What is entitled capacity in lparstat -i command? How it is related to physical, virtual and lpar?
v) How can we measure the cpu usage? Means which commands can be used and how we can relate this with above terminology?

Thanks alot for your help.. !!
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    Re: Understanding cpu, virtual cpu and lpar in AIX

    Chapter 2.3.1 "Micro-partitions" in the IBM PowerVM Virtualization Introduction and Configuration Redbook should answer most of your questions.

    You can find it here -->