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Pinned topic Ontape Backup Times

‏2012-08-21T14:28:59Z |
Running a database server with Informix 11.50FC4 on Windows 2003R2 servers.
I'm having an issue where one day when an Informix level 0 archive is done the archive completes in just over an hour.
The next day on the same machine at the same time with little or no difference in the amount of data the level 0 archive takes 6+ hours.
In neither case are we backing up the logs.
In both cases the backups are going to a hard drive on the physical server itself. The backup size is around 130g so it isn't that large.
I believe both of the backups are valid and can be restored but I can't be sure of that. No matter, I'm more interested if anyone has seen this behavior before and if so what was the issue.
Thanks ahead of time for any feedback