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Pinned topic COBOL-DB2 program accessing non-DB2 RDBMS using DRDA

‏2012-08-21T13:27:28Z |
I'm trying to access a non-DB2 RDBMS(SQLFire) from a COBOL-DB2 batch program running on z/OS. I'm trying to achieve this using DRDA.

I have successfully configured the Communications Database (CDB) by adding entries to SYSIBM.LOCATIONS, SYSIBM.IPNAMES, SYSIBM.USERNAMES tables and I'm able to run queries on the remote database from SPUFI.

I have created an alias on db2 for the remote database table that I need to access and I'm using this alias in my COBOL program.

How do I bind my application program?

When I follow the regular COBOL-DB2 bind process, the bind is successful, but I get an -805 with SQLSTATE 51002 on execution.

I checked several redbooks, but all I could find was how to access another DB2 database remotely.

Please help.
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