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Pinned topic Log in problem with Change 4.7 after server crash

‏2012-08-21T11:49:15Z |
After a server crash, our IT department restored all the files. But now it is not possible to log in as user.
There comes an error message "Login failed. Unable to activate ... Unable to access database ... for user ..."

I logged in as admin and checked the database status. It says database is enabled.
But if I look at the user administration, there are no checkboxes for the user privileges anymore.
In the past it was possible to activate/deactivate a checkbox for each privilege for this database and user. The database was the title of the column with the checkboxes.

When I try to set the database scope, there is no database listed.

I already checked the access rights of the folders and the database. There seems to be no problem. The databse is unprotected.

Does anyone know about the problem? I need urgent help.

Thanks in advance,
Regine Rogagé
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    Re: Log in problem with Change 4.7 after server crash

    In Change 4.7 effects like these could apear, if the session user (usually the csuser) can not log on to the Synergy Database.

    Here some things you can check.

    If you see no database in the Synergy server tab, something of your configuration seems to get lost (however). You can simply re-enter the database in the Server Tab and try to enable it.

    Maybe Server or Database apears disabled. If you enable, it seems ok for the first. But go to the package installer tab and back to the server tab and it might be shown disabled again.

    Do you use r-daemons or ESD? Try to start a synergy client with the session user (csuser). Are you able to log on? Is the password of the session user correct? If you are not sure, you can renew it in Change.

    Are the r-daemons (rexec) up and running on your machine? (if you use r-daemons for log on) If you use ESD check pt.cfg for correct setting. You can change the setting in pt.cfg and then restart Change. (you can search for "engine" in the file and edit it, possible Values are TRUE or FALSE, as I remember)

    Check the Synergy router port. Is it free and available for Synergy log ons? Are you able to start a Synergy Client Session against the database?

    Does this help or do you need further assistance?

    Greets, roy
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    Re: Log in problem with Change 4.7 after server crash

    You may have a problem with the permissions on your CM Synergy files. As root run ccm_install -c. this option checks and corrects file permission on all installed files.