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Pinned topic z-centric JOBUSR in Linux, access authorization

‏2012-08-21T11:23:46Z |

we are running TWS controller V8.5.1 in z/OS and z-centric agent in a SuSE Linux.
Using following statements in order to select a certain user in Linux for the job:

Jobs run OK for twsuser, and some other userid.
But another user gets error message

2012-08-21 10:17:42.692+03:00||AWSITA006I The job with ID "OPCA-ABCDUSER-FTP1-CA0D1B63746B8DB7-010-CA0D1B637974EA30" was successfully created.
2012-08-21 10:18:42.962+03:00||AWSITA032E The job with ID "OPCA-ABCDUSER-FTP1-CA0D1B63746B8DB7-010-CA0D1B637974EA30" failed to start. The error is "AWSITA028E The job failed to start. The following error has been generated: "AWSITA064E The user name is incorrect." (return code "1"). The reason description is "" (reason code "").".

We suspect, that user name is right, but this problematic user is missing some access authorizations in the Linux system. Tried to check TWS docs, but did not find advice.

Regards, Pasi
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    Re: z-centric JOBUSR in Linux, access authorization


    Hello Pasi,

    the message AWSITA064E suggests to check the user name specified in the JSDL definition.

    In the JobManager.ini file, the section containing the properties of the native job launcher is named:
    You can change the configurable properties as listed in Table 4 of the Scheduing E2E with z manual. Specifically RequireUserName When true, requires that you add the user name in the JSDL job definition.
    When false, runs with the user name used by job manager, that is:
    - TWS_user on UNIX and Linux systems
    - The local system account on Windows systems
    The default is false.

    I expect you have set true. That case please double checl the JSDL job definition.

    Hope this can help. If not, just let me know.

    Thanks and kind regards,