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Pinned topic IBM DS8000 Metro Mirror and Global Mirror support on Solaris guest LDOMs

‏2012-08-18T06:09:44Z |
IBM DS8000 Metro Mirror and Global Mirror support on Solaris guest LDOMs for pass-through devices:

In this scenario, we have two sites, Primary and DR.
On primary site, from IBM DS8000 series array, we had presented volumes to one of the Solaris <Control Domain> which is production box, where Oracle VM Server for SPARC 2.0 is installed and multiple guest domains are created. Using pass-through mechanism, we had presented some of the volumes to guest domain.

Same configuration is done for DR site as well, where we want to setup test environment. And wanted to configure IBM Metro Mirror and Global Mirror replication between primary and DR site.

When we installed DSCLI on guest LDOMs, and try to discover volumes which are presented to the guest LDOM, using below command, unfortunately it doesn’t discover anything. Below is DSCLI command output for more reference:

bash-3.00# hostname;/opt/ibm/dscli/dscli -hmc1 -user test -passwd test lshostvol
Date/Time: August 16, 2012 11:31:37 AM EDT IBM DSCLI Version: DS: -
CMUC00234I lshostvol: No Host Volume found.

Here, I have few concerns:
i. Does IBM support this type of configuration with IBM DS8000 series array for Metro and Global Mirror on Solaris 10 for guest LDOMs?
ii. Is there any workaround from IBM, using which we can discover volumes on guest LDOMs which are presented/mapped from control domain using pass-through mechanism.

Please suggest a solution, using which I can discover the volumes on guest LDOMs.