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Pinned topic MDM Server v 10- Quality Stage Integration

‏2012-08-17T08:58:01Z | mdm-migration
I am trying to integrate MDM Server with Quality stage.

The following modifications have been done in MDM :

In MDM- ThirdpartyAdapters.jar and DWLCommonServices.jar have been modified to reference to the MDMQS_client85.jar
The MDMQS_client85.jar was generated from QualityStage and given to MDM for integration.

The config element table extracts will be are given in the attached .zip file ('').

The task done from QualityStage is as follows :

The realtime OOTB jobs were imported into Datastage designer.
The ELMDMQS_Project XML as provided by you was imported in IIS consloe.
The jobs were associated to the corresponding operations in the Project.
The Application was binded as EJB.
The application was then deployed and the Client jar obtained was given to MDM.

After all this steps are done,when an maintainParty XML is run from MDM Tester for standardization it gives error which is attached in ('').

Please help in resolving this issue.

Thanks in advance.