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Pinned topic How to create a dropdown in a workflow

‏2012-08-16T21:07:29Z |
Hi guys,

Maybe my question is stupid, but a can't see a way to do it, so I need some help...

I want to make a dropdown in a workflow step, so the user can choose the value of a field by selecting, not by typing...

How do I do that? I can't find anything in the manuals, nor I can see a way to define it in Process Designer... The closest thing I see is to define an array, but it doesn't do the same job...

Anyone help?
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    Re: How to create a dropdown in a workflow

    By default a dropdown is not supported. (Only for the response). To create a dropdown you have to create a stepprocessor (lot of work). The quick and dirty way is to edit the stylesheet WEB-INF/xsl/table/TaskParameterModule.xsl. This is the stylesheet that displays the workflowparameters. If you wants a dropdown for the workflow parameters 'country' you should add the following lines to the template displayDataField (under Display value) :

    <xsl:when test="$paramName = 'country'">
    <select name={$ep_prefix}{$paramName}">

    By adding this the parameter with the name country will be shown as a dropdown.