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Pinned topic how to move code from dev to test to production

‏2012-08-16T19:25:36Z |
Can someone point me to the methodology/best practices for moving my soa code from dev to test to production on wps 7.0 and bpm 7.5?
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    Re: how to move code from dev to test to production

    ‏2012-10-07T07:35:35Z  in response to GXVD_Ramkumar_Menon
    1. Create a deployable module
    2. Test module
    3. If test successful deploy this module to the next environment and so on till you reach production.
    4. At any stage if things fail then fix go back to 1.

    Note you don't rebuild from source each time you deploy to a new environment you use the tested deployable module from the previous environment.

    For BPM v7.5 if it include BPDs then you can deploy it to environments from the Process Center. You can also create a deployable module that can be deployed to an offline process server.

    There are probably redbooks or articles in developerworks that describe this.