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Pinned topic CRTSQLRPGI failing with SQL0312 onV5R4

‏2012-08-16T17:10:46Z |

I have a piece of ILE RPG code with embedded SQL that was compiling up until recently. We're on V5R4M0 on dev iSeries partition but some PTFs have been applied recently. At the moment the DB2 Group PTF <<SF99504 DB2 FOR IBM I - 33>> has install level of 33 where as our LIVE server has install level of 32.

The same code compiles on our LIVE partition but it is not compiling on our DEV server.

The pre-compile step is complaining as below:

D JobSbmDate      s              8a   Exec Sql Declare Csr1 CurSor For Select Char(MepFNo), Char(MepPTm) From QTemp/T_MepDta Where MepPdt = (:JobSbmDate) Group By MepFNo, MepPTm Order By MepFNo, MepPtm;   SQL0312  30    7188  Position 62 Variable JOBSBMDATE not defined or not usable.

Has anyone come across something like this? I have all the work variables declared and there are SQLRPGLE programs that compile but this one is simply refusing to compile. The same program compiles on our LIVE servers.

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    Re: CRTSQLRPGI failing with SQL0312 onV5R4

    From the snippet of code you posted, I don't see anything unusual that the SQL precompiler would complain about.

    I would recommend reporting this through service (along with the source that is needed to recreate the problem).

    Sue Romano