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Pinned topic Export and Import ITNM Network Views

‏2012-08-16T16:51:11Z |
Hello All,

Actually I'm trying to backup the ITNM Network Views in my environment (custom network views of around 40) to a file and import it into new ITNM instance of development. I followed the steps which IBM Technote recommended

but failed with errors:
Level: INFO Message: Importing EntityName cache data into the entityNameCache table from 'E:\IBM\tivoli\netcool\var\precision\export\itnmExportedEntit
yNameCache.dat', please wait...
DBD::ODBC::st execute failed: InformixInformix ODBC DriverInformixUnique constraint (ncim.entitynamecache_pk) violated. (SQL-23000) at E:\IBM\ti
voli\netcool\precision\scripts\upgrade\ line 1559, <FILE> line 1.
Level: WARNING Message: Handle execute failed so will suppress subsequent inserts into the entityNameCache table.
Level: WARNING Message: $VAR1 = {
'ENTITYNAME' => 'RelatedToTopology',
'ENTITYID' => 21

Argument "" isn't numeric in int at E:\IBM\tivoli\netcool\precision\scripts\upgrade\ line 1637, <FILE> line 90075.

and it imported only few network views (one to two of custom views and also ignored couple of default Network Views).

If any one has best recommended procedure to take the backup of Network Views (both custom and out-of-box) please let me know.

ITNM 3.9 FP1
Windows 2008 R2 server 64-bit
Informix Database
Domains: 2 (domain ids are 2 and 5)

Thanks in advance.