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Pinned topic Copy paste of a remote file (Remote Systems view)...

‏2012-08-16T16:50:53Z |

I was asked several times by developers about the way to duplicate a remote file (qsam) easily by just giving the name of the copy (attributes would be the same of the source of course).

It's so easy to make it in windows (copy/paste). Mainframers tend to look for similar userfriendly behavior as they are in a GUI environment.

Thank you if somebody can tell the easiest way to achieve this common action in RDz.

Have a nice day,
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    Re: Copy paste of a remote file (Remote Systems view)...

    As far as I know you can only copy/paste PDS members. You have to get creative if you want to copy/paste a sequential file. I'd love to see this feature added.