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Pinned topic A simple way to issue simple command

‏2012-08-16T10:39:40Z |
Customer want to take immediate action when some event occurs. For example, issue a "wipe" when jail-brake iOS device detected.

Please kindly give me some guidance on how to do it:

1. within BES server

2. I can get a jail-brake device list from webreport. In that case, how can I send an "execute 'wipe' on devicename" to the BES server from outside

It's urgent. Many thanks!
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    Re: A simple way to issue simple command


    There is a "Jailbreak detected" Fixlet in our MDM Fixlet site. It gives you 3 options:
    1. Notify the user that they are not compliant.
    2. Deprovision the user (selective wipe) to remove all the corporate data/corporate access that you installed through MDM.
    3. Wipe the device to restore it to factory settings.

    You can set any of these as a policy (same as any other action in a Fixlet).
    You can see the jailbroken devices in web reports (easiest way would just be to look at a report for the jailbreak Fixlet). You will need to use the console (or the self-service portal) to send the wipe command manually or to set up the automatic policy.