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Pinned topic Assemble an .asm file in z/OS UNIX Subproject fails

‏2012-08-16T09:53:30Z |
I create a z/OS UNIX Subproject and add a .asm to the project
Then I right click the .asm and choose Assemble > Default c89 Build and Link Options, then I observer error message in Remote Console view:
as -o "/u/user210/TestFiles/LPEXASM/TAND004.o" -e '/u/user210/zOSUNIXSubproject1WorkingDirectory/TAND004.asm.evt' --listfn="/u/user210/TestFiles/LPEXASM/TAND004.lst" -Wa,LINECOUNT'(60)' -Wa,NOLIBMAC -Wa,OBJECT -Wa,RENT -Wa,NOXOBJECT -Wa,FLAG'(0,ALIGN,CONT,RECORD,NOSUBSTR)' -Wa,DXREF -Wa,ESD -Wa,RLD -Wa,XREF"(SHORT,UNREFS)" -Wa,NOTEST '/u/user210/TestFiles/LPEXASM/TAND004.asm'
Start of c89/cc customization section
Prelinker and runtime library:
IBM (R) Rational Developer for System z
FSUM3491 An invalid option -e is specified.
Remote command return code = 16
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    Re: Assemble an .asm file in z/OS UNIX Subproject fails

    It looks like you might not have RDz/your path configured correctly.
    You should have the directory <rdz install path>/bin in your path such that the executable as shipped in that directory is used (rather than the default one). That version of the assembler supports the -e (for events file) option.
    Hope that helps!

    Violaine Batthish