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‏2012-08-15T23:08:34Z |
Hi there,
Running ILMT on win 2008 server,build number 201203141616.
Have some clients running on SUN-FIRE T1000 0819NNE061 servers. The agent works and status
is green, the server ID is there and scans working.
The problem is these servers do not show up in the reports, so no server-id, no network address etc.
Some agents running on different SUN hardware do show up, but not any on these particular types of hardware.

Anyone seen this ? the agents are not excluded, and look fine in agent view, but never appear in the reports.

Attached shows the agent details of one of the agents that is missing from reports
Thanks for your help


Steve Williams
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    Re: ILMT support for SUN hardware


    did this agent discover any PVU software?

    Best regards,
    Maks Kowalik

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