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Pinned topic CM Login fails after db2move from linux to aix

‏2012-08-15T21:55:35Z |
I have moved our CM 8.4.3 installation from linux to aix.
This was done in a two step process.
1. Move the Resource manager db (using db2move) and Resource manager application
2. Move the library server

Step one was successful, but after moving the library server I am not able to login using System admin or any other client.
It seems that it does not accept the passwords.

I get the following error message:

DLG7334A: The library server connection failed due to an error in the DKDatastorICM connect() method. The library server return message was:
ICM7015: During an SQL operation in the library server, an unexpected error occured. For details on the error,
refer to the database document.
DKDatastoreICM.connect; (SERVER 0 icmnlsdb, USERID = icmadmin); (STAT) : LS RC = 7015, LS reasonCode = 0, SQL rc = -805

Login to icmnlsdb via db2 works normally

Please advice what to do, if you have experienced the same problem
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    Re: CM Login fails after db2move from linux to aix

    There are manual steps needed to configure for new IPs etc .. I found this in another forum where someone used db2move to get from Windows to AIX. Here are the steps they followed

    Task Name
    AIX: Install CM8 current Library Server & Rsource Manager Databases versions 8.4.2
    AIX Install CM8.4.2 Fix Pack 3
    AIX Config CM8 current versions Library Server & Resource Manager Databases
    AIX Drop LS & RM databases
    AIX DB2Move of IRL databases to UK with same names
    Update system passwords using technote:
    Update the RMCONFIGURATIONS table to reflect the ResourceManager application is starting as AD account:
    Update the RMSERVER table in RMDB
    Update log file locations from System Admin Client
    Update file locations to reflect AIX directories in icmstsyscontrol
    Update the sequences icmstusers.unum and icmstaccesscode.acl in the LSDB to the correct values
    Update CM8 so 64 bit stored procedures are being invoked instead of the 32-bit stored procedures by running the cmconfig again
    Rebuild NSE indexes if required
    CheckPoint: Confirm document can be uploaded and viewed from CM8 Client