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‏2012-08-15T17:04:30Z |
I was using Portal base 6.1 on WAS 7.0 and JSF portlet with JSR286 API.
When I submit a form the form data is available in the action method of my pagecode class and it also remains available in the following render phase method onPageLoadBegin in my pagecode.

Due to project requirement I upgraded my portal to FixPack FP005) and WAS to After that when I submit my form although the form data remains available in my pagecode action method but it gets wiped out from the following render method onPageLoadBegin.

As a result of that in my action method either I am doing portletRequest.setAttribute or getRequestScope().put to again set the form data in portlet request or JSF request scope and then using portletRequest.getAttribute/getRequestScope().get in my onPageLoadBegin to retrieve the data. Therefore I am unnecessarily writing few extra lines of code.

Can someone tell me what is the issue and what is the solution for that? Do I need to change any JAR file to fix the problem. I want to avoid writing this extra 3-4 lines of code. I know this problem was there in Portal 6.0 base version. But in Portal 6.1 base version or portal 7.0 base version this problem is not there. But unfortunately due to project requirement I have to use portal and the problem got introduced.
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    Re: Portlet - JSF Issue

    I have created a String attribute in my JSF pagecode class. I have binded the String attribute with an input field in my JSP. Once I submit the form I can print the data of the String attribute in my action method of JSF pagecode class. But in render method of pagecode class it is wiped out.

    As I have mentioned in my first post the problem wasn't there with base version of Portal 6.1. The problem doesn't happen even with portal fixpack FP003 installed i.e. also works fine. But I have installed fixpack FP005 to upgrade my portal to and the problem started happening. I have also installed WAS fixpack to upgrade WAS to but I don't think it has anything to do with WAS fixpack.

    Looks like the old problem which was there in portal 6.0 has been introduced after installtion of fixpack FP005 in portal 6.1