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‏2012-08-14T17:49:14Z |
I'm looking for a way to cross-reference program usage to the rest of the catalogs but in reviewing SysProgramStat, I don't see any way to tie a given program to a table, view, or even the SQL statement contained in the program. What is the intended purpose of this view? Are there any other catalog views that contain the program name that could be referenced back to this view?
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    Re: SysProgramStat catalog view

    SysProgramStat lists the SQL Routines, i.e. SQL Stored Procedures, SQL User Defined Functions, SQL Triggers and External Programs/Service Programs and Procedures that are registered as Stored Procedures and User Defined Functions. It also shows the compile options, i.e. options automatically set or set with the SET OPTION statement.

    AFAIK there is no catalog view that shows which file/table/view is used within a program, service program or procedure with either native I/O and/or embedded SQL.