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Pinned topic Compatability of FileNet p8 api's on Websphere 8

‏2012-08-14T09:58:12Z |
We are in the process of migrating our application which uses Filenet p8 3.5 api's to a WAS 8 server. Filenet 3.5 is still on a WAS 5.1 server. Will there be any anomalies with the connection brokers of the application or the Application engine.
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    Re: Compatability of FileNet p8 api's on Websphere 8

    Hi I am sorry that I don't have your answer, I just started looking at the issue myself some months after your posting.

    Might I ask have you had success with WAS 8 or have you encountered any issues?

    We're just getting ready to deploy a new 5.1 environment and we're debating WAS 8 vs. WAS 7.