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Pinned topic CICS Web Service using RDZ

‏2012-08-13T21:26:42Z |

Am using RDZ to generate WSDL , where CICS acts as a web service provider. Am facing some issues.

1) Couple of my fields are nullable, how would i spacify that ( any option in RDZ )
2) I have couple of fields which occurs 10 times, how would this be handled.

Any input would be of great help.

Thanks in Advance!
Rahul Thampi
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    Re: CICS Web Service using RDZ

    1 - "nillable" fields in RDz for compiled conversion are only supported if you map existing XML schema/WSDL to existing COBOL data structure ("meet in middle" scenario). If you want this to work for generated WSDL, the workaround is to modify the WSDL manually to mark the fields you want as "nillable" and then use a "meet in middle" to map WSDL to COBOL and generate the conversion code from that.

    2 - if you have an "occurs 10 times" clause, the corresponding generated schema type will have minOccurs=maxOccurs=10.