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Pinned topic CICS Web Service Using RDZ - Channel Description Document

‏2012-08-13T21:04:49Z |

We use RDZ to create WSDL and BIND file for CICS as a service provider. We have multiple data structures and each structure has many occurances (say 10 occurances). We are planning to have each data structure in one container (ie all occurance of one data type in one container)

We created a channel Description Document, below was the channel Description Document which i used.
<channel name="rtchanel1" xmlns="">
<container name="rtcont1" type="bit" use="required">
<structure location="C:\Documents and Settings\r02c.cpy"/>
<container name="rtcont2" type="bit" use="optional">
<structure location="C:\Documents and Settings\r04c.cpy"/>
<container name="rtcont3" type="bit" use="optional">
<structure location="C:\Documents and Settings\r12c.cpy"/>

The WSDL was generated and the container "rtcont2" & "rtcont3" came with "minoccurs=0" but does not contain any "maxoccurs".
I need to have maxoccurs=unbound as i would have many occurances of the structure r04c & r12c.

Any help as to what need to be specified in the CDD or any settings by which i could get a maxoccurs of unbound.

Thanks in Advance!

Rahul Thampi