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‏2012-08-13T13:37:43Z |
Greetings. Back in 2010 I tried to do research into using TXSeries on a Windows platform using Vista. Had many difficulties and eventually gave up.
This past week I tried downloading TXSeries 7.1 and I get a message at install time indicating the install process discoverd and expired license. I see by other posts I am not alone here.
Is this a bug? Or is there some way to get around this. I have tried many things including wiping out the product entirely and do a RegEdit to get rid of Registry entries. Plus a number of other "tricks".
Another thing, I notice on some publications that on Windows the prescibed OS is Windows Server 2003 and yet on other publications Vista is deemed as an OK OS, peculiar? Since the install works well to a point I assume Vista is acceptable.

Bruce Barclay.
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    Re: TXSeries license expired message when trying to do a Create

    Hi Bruce,

    TXSeries 7.1 supports Windows Vista, as a development platform. Check the note in the support page @

    On the message about expiry of TXSeries licenses...are you using the evaluation edition of TXSeries? If yes, the trial license for TXSeries 7.1 is valid only for 90 days after the first installation.
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    Re: TXSeries license expired message when trying to do a Create

    Thank you for your reply. I understand about the 90 day trial as I have downloaded IBM software on a trial basis before. I have never run into this problem before only with TXSeries. Originally I downloaded TX back in 2009 and at that time had several problems and finally had to give up due to other priorities. I wanted to revisit this software because of demands of one of our clients. Is what you are saying mean that I can no longer, forever perhaps, download TXseries ever again? Seems ridiculously restrictive and unwarranted. If I cannot do research on TX how could I ever recommend it to my client??
    Our client depends on our opinions about many aspects of IT and would not venture to acquire software we cannot recommend or vouch for. Someone has to do something about this. I don't think IBM really meant this to happen and believe it is a bug or not intended. BB.