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Pinned topic Unable to logout from Workplace XT, despite logout from SSOconnected Portal

‏2012-08-13T12:18:50Z |
Hi, I am faced with a little problem here.

We have an HRMS solution in place for our Client, which is basically a Data Management System for HR Department. This stores, retrieves and manages documents like CVs, Employee Documents and Admin related documents.

For this purpose, the Client wanted some links to be displayed in their existing Portal, which will direct them to Workplace XT pages(which open in seperate pop-ups) where they can perform the functions and get back to the Portal to logout.

The issue is:
1. All of the pop-ups that open up are secondary pages and hence they do not contain the Workplace XT logout button.
2. Hence there is no possible way for the user to simply log out of the WorkplaceXT alone and resume his work on other applications in Portal.
3. If the user closes all Workplace XT pop-ups and logs out from Portal, STILL the Workplace XT session is ACTIVE!
4. If the user does not close the Workplace XT pop-ups and however logs out from the parent window of Portal, he is still authenticated to Workplace XT pages, due to above reasons, and hence it is a Security issue.
5. The only possible way the User session is finally logged out from FileNet/Workplace XT is when he closes all pop-ups, logs out from the portal, and then closes the browser window.

Obviously, point no.5 is not a very common scenario and unjust to expect from every user that uses the application.

Kindly suggest a way out. Is there any possible way to send log out instructions to FileNet Workplace XT through the Portal itself?
We are on FileNet v5.1 and Workplace XT 1.1.5.