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Pinned topic Problem with Dynamic Help in CICS Explorer (CICS 5.1 Open Beta)

‏2012-08-13T09:35:28Z |
Hi all,

I have found that when you request Dynamic Help from the Help menu in CICS Explorer most links don't work. E.g. you request Dynamic Help at a certain point and then you click on Contents. Then you see the contents tree; however links in that tree don't work: when you try to navigate to then an empty page is shown. Sometimes if you try to refresh that empty page, the information is shown.

Nevertheless help information is reachable from the Help Contents entry in the Help menu. A separate window is opened and from there you can reach the information.

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    Re: Problem with Dynamic Help in CICS Explorer (CICS 5.1 Open Beta)

    ‏2012-08-15T12:52:27Z  in response to jacorona
    Hi Alfonso,

    Thanks for your feedback. I've done a little investigation and it seems that the dynamic help isn't working on our beta release for some views. Other views are fine, which is possibly why you're only seeing this problem intermittently. I had particular problems with the dynamic help for the properties view, while other views seemed to work okay for the most part. It does seem like there's a problem here, so I'll make sure it's addressed before the next beta.

    Thanks again for your feedback,

    CICS Explorer Development