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Pinned topic Kerbros when consuming .net web service

‏2012-08-13T07:13:44Z |

I have a WebSphere 7 server which is configured to use Kerberos.
The application that is running on the server (Java), is supposed to access a .Net Webservice on a remote machine and retrive some data.
when accessing the web service it returns a HTTP 401 error.

I have switched the .Net directory security so that it will accept Anonymous login and it works, how ever when i allow it to accept only "Windows integrated security" i keep reciving the HTTP 401 error.

i was sure that by configuring the WebSphere server to work with Kerberos it would solve the issue as it will send the proper Credentials to the .Net service.

1. Could it be that something is not configured properly on the WebSphere server? (it was configured by an expert)
2. Is it needed to add code to the Java application "telling" it to send the Credentials?
3. If the answer to question 2 is YES, please provide with a code expamle