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Pinned topic db2 backup issue

‏2012-08-12T06:26:29Z |
Hello Team,

I am facing new problem with backup issue, the issue is:
sblqas:db2sbq 11> db2 backup db XXX online use TSM
SQL2033N An error occurred while accessing TSM during the processing of a
database utility. Reason code: "400".

**And ERRORLOG entry:**

ANS1036S The option 'DB2/XXX/TDP_R3/VENDOR.ENV' or the valu supplied for it is not valid. It was found in options file 'OPTIONS STRING'
at line number: 1
The complete entry: '/db2/XXX/tdp_r3/vendor.env'
ANS1038S Invalid option specified

Please help me to solve the possible errors in my configuration (option files)

Thanks in Advance.
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    Re: db2 backup issue

    ‏2012-10-17T21:41:43Z  in response to mysura
    have u check the following steps

    Go to /db2/db2instancename/sqllib and check the file usercshrc

    In the last line of the file there will be a parameter called "set end_vendor_lib followed by the pathname"

    There should not be a '=' parameter after "set end_vendor_lib ".if that exists please remove it and try to run the backup