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Pinned topic IBM DS4700 Express Firmware Upgrade Issue - v07.xx.xx.xx

‏2012-08-11T20:14:53Z |
We've a IBM DS4700 Express Storage (No expansion units are installed). Currently it is running on firmware NVSRAM version: N1814D470R960V06.

I'm using IBM Storage Manager v10.83.xx.18 to connect to the storage system. When I try to upgrade the controller firmware from the Setup Screen, it gives an error.

1 problem detected.

Event log verification error: You cannot upgrade the storage subsystem until the problem is resolved. Contact your technical support representative to resolve this issue. Event log issues: Too many critical events logged; Too many destination driver events

I'm unable to find a solution to this. How do I get more in solving this issue? Or am I doing something wrong?
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    Re: IBM DS4700 Express Firmware Upgrade Issue - v07.xx.xx.xx

    I think this is just to insure that any outstanding issues have been attended to before upgrading the firmware. If everything shows optimal, I just save and clear the event log to get around this problem. "destination driver" errors seem to be just part of normal operation.