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Pinned topic unable to find test

‏2012-08-11T02:31:30Z |
Hi, The preparation materials for this certification were offered for free before and now we have to pay for it. I wanted to know is there any change
1. In the test scope ?
2. Does the preparation material for 664 still hold good for this test ?
3. Any change in the test pattern ?

Your inputs are much appreciated.

Help me out here. Who is charging you for access to the material listed as readings in preparation for the certification exams? IBM Education does offer courses at a cost, but that involves additional materials and instructor time. There has always been a charge for taking the certification exams, but that is a fee paid directly to the testing organization.

If you have questions specifically about the administration of the certification program, this is really not the place to discuss them. You should contact the certification organization directly. This space is for interactions among the participants in the Federal SOA Institute SOA Certification Mentoring program .