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Pinned topic How to download and update logos

‏2012-08-10T03:49:18Z |

Client request to my worklight application provide following features:
Ø Terms and Conditions pop-up screen (editable content and configurable setting for the “Agree” button)
Ø Allow to place promotion banners (configurable by the content management tool) to be shown in the Mobile Banking App
Ø Provide some pre-defined text areas (e.g. latest news) which can be maintained by the content management tool
Ø Capability to deliver standard text/banner to all pages by single setting

It seems that this requirement treat our mobile application as a web-site, but my understanding is all static resources (html,js,css) are all cached locally by worklight application, if my page refer to remote logo, then it generates big data traffic.

Can we have an alternative to download resources and unzip them to SD card (even replace static logos)?
(i.e. copy to /sdcard/com.mycompany.MyWorklightApp/www/default/).

thanks for any suggestions.