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‏2012-08-09T23:50:46Z |
Another item for feedback - our categorization of system level MAXVARs. We decided that anything site or organization level will be tenant specific - the 'master' value will be used as a default but the tenants can always modify. For system level we categorized the ones that are set programatically as 'system' plus ones we thought could impact system behavior the 'landlord' might want to limit. Did we get it right? Are there other things we should lock down to 'system'? Any other thoughts.

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Please submit any feedback you have by Friday, August 17th.

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    Re: System level MAXVARS

    as this is probably too late for your deadline...

    For a good landlord situation,
    • the numeric values should have an upper and a lower limit.
    • the non numeric values should bindable to a Domain (Synonym, ALN and Table).

    Also, Synonymdomains should be createable for the Landlord (generally not yet possible via UI, AFAIK).